How to create your Manual It only takes about 15 minutes!

Step 1

  1. Click on the "Get it Now" button at on the top menu bar
  2. Fill in your registration details (Name, Surname, Email Address and a password of your choice)

Step 2

The Manual must contain a minimum amount of information about your business. This information falls into two basic categories.

Contact information

We have simplified the procedure by providing a simple form that allows you to enter your unique contact information online. It will speed the matter along if you have a list of the following when you go online:

  1. Name of Business
  2. Head of Business (Name and Title)
  3. Position (Description of Position)
  4. Postal Address
  5. Street address
  6. Phone Number
  7. Fax Number
  8. Email Address
  9. Website if applicable

Types of Records that are kept by your business

We have prepared an extensive list of subjects on which most businesses hold records and the categories of records held in each subject. You may simply select the appropriate categories and subjects from a list.

We have also prepared an extensive list of descriptions of the kinds of records that are normally kept in accordance with any other legislation that may apply. You may simply select all of these from a list or only those that you know apply to your particular business.

This process takes about 10-15 minutes.

It’s that simple.

Once you have completed the details called for and made your selection, hit the Submit button. Within seconds you will receive an email from us with your Manual attached. The Manual comes in Adobe .pdf format. This has several advantages:

  1. The file is a small one and transmits quickly;
  2. The file can be attached to any email message. Most ISP’s allow these kinds of attachments and do not block them.
  3. The file cannot be tampered with by any person to whom you send it;
  4. The file can immediately be uploaded in that format onto your website;
  5. The file prints beautifully and is available every time you need to provide any person with a copy of the Manual.
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